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Room Approximate
Square Foot Ceiling Height Auditorium
Style Capacity
(Chairs Only)
U-Shape Boardroom
Ballroom Varies 4515 13'-18' 290 400 134 248 40 26
Macon L20' x W38' 746 8' 48 49 20 40 18 18
Northwing L43' x W23' 984 8' 48 49 24 49 20 18
Showroom L51' x W26' 1335 8' 100 100 42 120 40 26
Mezzanine L21' x W30' 630 7' 40 49 16 40 22 18
Fireside L15'.3" x W6'.9" N/A 8' N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Description Regular Handicap
Parking lot West of the NACC 48 5
Parking lot SE on south Akon Road closer to Hangar 1 40 0
Parking lot on South Akron Road 123 3
Spaces on North Akron Road along the road 9 0
Total Spaces: 229 9

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Handicap Accessibility

Handicap ramps are located at the main entrance, the Ballroom entrance on North Akron (pre-arrangements with NACC staff must be made to gain entrance). Bathrooms near Ballroom are also handicap accessible.

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Available Equipment

For a list of available equipment, click on List of available equipment.

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General Information

  1. Messages may be left at 650.604.2082
  2. Onsite phones are located in the Fireside, Ballroom Anteroom, Room 104A, Mezzanine, Macon, outside front Men's restroom, and Northwing room.
  3. Fax machine is located in Room 104A. Fax number: 650.604.1816
  4. Copy machine is located in the Fireside area and Room 104A.
  5. Meeting access to the NACC begins at 7:00 a.m. The NACC closes at 5:00 p.m.
  6. Make arrangements with your "NACC" Event Coordinator.
  7. There are 3 computers for guests with "NASA" NDC credentials in Fireside area.
  8. NASA Guest wireless available through your NASA host/sponsor

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Security Information

Entry Procedures

U.S. Citizens must show a valid, officially-issued picture identification at the NASA Research Park gate to enter onto the NASA Research Park, where the NACC is located.

All Foreign Nationals must go through "NASA' badging procedures to attend meetings in the NACC.

Contact your NASA sponsor for guidelines.

NASA Transfer Technology and Export Control

If you are having NASA speakers and Non-NASA attendees, your speakers must clear the information with the "NASA" Export Control Office.

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